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Introducing The Promise Devotional


During Shakira's darkest moments, she found herself crying out for answers amidst seemingly unconquerable pain. It was then that she discovered the solace and guidance she sought within the pages of her Bible. Now, she shares these transformative revelations with you, offering the promises as a beacon of hope and connection in your own journey.

As you journey through each page, you'll witness firsthand how these promises helped Shakira transcend from victimhood to victory. By applying these timeless truths to your own life, you'll find the strength to overcome challenges and embrace your purpose with unwavering confidence.

More than just a book, The Promise Devotional is a reservoir of God's power, purpose, and promise. Allow it to ignite your spirit, fuel your journey, and inspire you to live out your purpose with unshakable faith in God's promises.

The Promise 31-Day Devotional


    What Readers Say

    Tiffany Lightfoot.jpg
    The Promise Journal has been a blessing to my life - It has allowed me to experience the constant reminder of God's Promise. ~ Tiffany Lightfoot, Owner, My Cake Theory
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